5 Healthy Hair Tricks to Keep Scalp and Locks in Tip-Top Shape

Friday, 10 October 2014
Hair and scalp health can suffer almost as much as skin during the current and upcoming colder months.  Take care of your healthy hair, give it lots of love and conditioning, stay away from chemicals, and don’t neglect your scalp!  Read on for more healthy hair tips.
5 healthy hair tricks to keep scalp and locks in tip-top shape

Wash less.  It’s true.  Your scalp can suffer from dry, cracked flakiness just like the rest of your skin, especially during a cycle of over-washing and exposure to dry, cold air.

When you do wash, condition well and consider an occasional hair mask.  A favorite healthy hair mask is as follows: mash 1/2 an avocado, add one tablespoon of raw honey, and combine.  Apply to damp hair (wrap if you can) and sit for as long as you’d like.  I typically let it sit for approximately one half-hour, or for as long as I can go without one of my children sticking a finger into my hair.  Avocado is full of good fats which are wonderful for your locks and keep them moisturized.  Honey is a natural humectant so, again, lusciously hydrating.

Consider making your own shampoo or going no ‘poo.  Your own shampoo can be made with 1 C. distilled water, 1/4 C. castile soap, a teensy bit of oil of choice (I go with 1/4-1/2 tsp. jojoba, olive, or grapeseed), and any additional ingredients based on your current hair situation.  If your scalp needs a little calming, add some chamomile.  If you’re having a flaky scalp “issue,” add some tea tree essential oil.  Add a little more oil of choice if your hair and scalp can handle it and knock down the amount of castile soap if you need to.  This is a great base recipe with a lot of promise, so do whatever works for you and whatever keeps that healthy hair.

Do keep some apple cider vinegar in your shower.  Give your hair a spritz and rinse if your dry scalp is getting out of control or if you feel like you need a little more oomph.  Apple cider vinegar cleans up nasty residue and closes your hair cuticles.  When your cuticles are closed, your hair lies flat and it looks shiny and delicious.

Don’t keep coloring without considering your options.  Not only does coloring dry your hair out in the long-run, but it’s terribly chemical-laden.

Don’t let the cold get the best of your healthy hair — keep is looking lovely, fresh, and natural all winter long!


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