Do Lip Balms Really Help To Plump Your Lips?

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Lips are parts of the body that attract so much attention in the outside world. It is among the parts that greatly contribute to the general beauty of an individual. For them to look great, it requires an individual to plump them well. There are a variety of products in the market that can be used to plump your lips. The most common ones are the lip balms. The question is always on whether the lip balms really help to plump the lips? Perhaps we can say yes, and below are some of the lip balms that have been proven to work;

1. NYX lip plumper

NYX lip plumper was derived from peptide that is great in increasing the volume of the lips. The beauty of the lips is how visible it is on your face. It is available in nine colors giving you the opportunity to choose your favorite shade. It is available at about only $6.

2. DUWOP Venom

This is a translucent balm that gives the lips a natural stain perfect for its appearance. It is made from cinnamon, wintergreen and ginger. They improve the circulation of blood that cause increase in the size of the lips. It is a great substance that should never miss in your list of lip balms.

3. Mentha

This is a lip gloss that is tempting to lick because of the fruit smell that it posses. It is formed from a combination of pepper and cinnamon oils. Shea and coconut oils are also part of its ingredients which make it a perfect moisturizer. Presence of peppermint makes it great in increasing the volume of the lips. $7.5 is its online cost.

4. Cherry treatment

Sometimes the lips can get dry and chapped due to cold weather especially during winter. Cherry lip balm sooths the lips hence is great in reducing any pain that an individual would feel.  Presence of sugar in it makes it a perfect exfoliating agent. It removes the outer layer gently without causing any injury or pain. Applying this lip balm on chapped lips leaves you with soft moisturized lips. It is available online at $22.50.

5. Sephora

This is a substance that is designed to provide immediate softness when applied on the lips. It is tasteless making it more suitable for the function. This property reduces the temptation to lick which is a major cause of drying. It also favors those people who allergic to different fragrance. It keeps you lips moisturized for long by reducing licking. It costs only $5.

6. Clinique

This is among the sticky lip balms that cannot rub easily. It is great for soothing painful chapped lips and providing it with the healing. Applying before bed is preferable because, it allows maximum penetration of the healing. You should learn how to plump your lips properly for effectiveness of products.

7. Buxom

Buxom is among the most popular lip plumbers in the market. It contains vitamin A and E that nourishing the skin. It also boosts the beauty of the lips by giving it the shiny appearance. $19 is its current online market price.

8. Korres

Yoghurt is a great substance for treatment of the skin. Korres is a substance made from the Greek yoghurt. Yogurt always contains proteins and vitamins that are necessary for the skin. It makes the lips softer and provides soothing to the painful cracked lips. 

9. Burt’s

Using lip balms that have been created using complex chemicals can cause damage to the lips. Burt’s is a more natural lip balm that is made from the natural substances such as cocoa and bee wax. These two are the major source of the healing effect to the skin. Other ingredients include blueberries that contain antioxidants that are great shields against damage. It is available at only $3.3.

All the above lip balms work well in plumping the lips. As long as lip balms contain cinnamon, wintergreen, ginger or any other substances that enhances the appearance of the lips, make great lip plumpers. However, excessive use of these substances could lead to the irritations on your lips which could result to chapping. 


In the world there are a lot of beliefs about different products that most people have been trapped into. This has led to the imagination that the lip balms don’t work well in plumping the lips. The above lip balms are a sample of a number of lip balms available in the market. Try any of them to remove the fear that they aren’t working. Some may have the sticky feeling which could draw you away from them, but that is the mechanism used to make it last longer.



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