5 Mistakes Made By People With Sensitive Skin

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Dermatologists are of the view that there is nothing like sensitive skin and state that it is just a creation of the cosmetologists and beauticians. However, when polls are done, the biggest majority of the respondents state that they have sensitive skin.

Going into details normally reveals that people who stated that they had sensitive skin mostly easily break out in acne, are prone to blotches and rashes, get stinging sensations due to products or weather or generally have itchy skin. While the accepted skin types by dermatologists are normal, combination, oily and dry, using skin care tips for a skin type that is not yours can cause sensitivity. Explained below are some mistakes that could be causing you the acne, rashes or blotches.

1. Not getting enough sleep

You probably have heard of the 'beauty sleep' phrase. Well, whoever coined it, definitely gave one of the best skin care tips. The skin repairs at night when you are asleep. Experts explain that during the night, stress hormones such as cortisol, which is responsible for breaking down the skin barrier, are at their lowest. Skin repairing hormones such as beta endorphins and growth hormones are in turn at their highest. This means that skin healing occurs at night. It is recommended that one gets seven to eight hours of sleep each night for optimal results.

2. Exfoliating too much

People suffering from rashes, blotches and black heads sometimes assume that it caused by dirt. They therefore, go ahead to spend too much time trying to get rid of the dirt that is causing all that trouble. Instead of removing dirt, all this does is to get rid of an all important barrier that occurs between the epidermis and the environment. In turn, the lack of the layer causes rashes and other problems instead of alleviating them. Dermatologists’ advice that you create a routine that works for your skin. Using a toner, exfoliator and acid based product everyday is really not necessary. The scary fact is that too much exfoliation can actually burst capillaries!

3. Using products without testing them

So you have seen an advert about this great cream that leaves your skin blemish free and you rush to the store, buy it and slither it on almost immediately. Well, you are setting yourself up for disaster. This is because people with sensitive skin don't always respond positively to all products on offer. In fact, some of these products are at the root of the problem such as the fragranced ones. It is best to test a product on a spot before starting to use it. This involves applying the product on a spot for some time while monitoring the progress. The ear lobe is a great spot to test facial products while body products can be tested on the forearm. If the spot tested on is fine and does not get any kind of reaction, then the product can be applied to the whole face or body.

4. Skipping on SPF

Wearing sunscreen not only protects the skin from the sun's ultraviolet rays but also helps to avoid making the skin more sensitive. The ultraviolet rays are known to make sensitive skin even more sensitive. Wearing SPF helps to avoid penetrating of the rays into the skin hence preventing increased sensitivity. Dermatologists recommend a mineral-based SPF as it has ingredients that do not cause flare ups of allergies. Zinc oxide and titanium oxide are also good ingredients to look out for in SPF products.

5. Not checking product labels

However reputable a cosmetic company might be, it is always good to check out the labels on their products. Some companies are known to ride on their reputation and insert some harmful ingredients into their products. For those who understand the ingredients, it is always good to check the label to make sure that the ingredients that are good for your skin type are in the product while those that are harmful are not included. The biggest majority are those who would not understand the ingredients. Going for an all natural products is hence advised or one with olive oil as it has a way of flushing out the harmful ingredients.


As much as sensitive skin might be a creation of cosmetologists and beauticians, the fact that some people's skin is a bolt more sensitive than others cannot be ignored. The root cause of the problem starts with actually using products and skin care tips that are not meant for your skin type. People with sensitive skin should avoid making some mistakes to ensure that the problem is not exacerbated. Some of the mistakes as discussed above include; skipping on SPF, not checking product labels, exfoliating too much, using products without testing them and not getting enough sleep. Avoiding these mistakes can get you the blemish free, glowing skin that you have always wanted!





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