Too Much Sweating! Will It Be Good For Your Skin?

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Everyone sweat during the day. People often take measure to stop the amount of sweat they are producing as it can lead to a foul odor. While many people are worried about smelling clean there is something else that can to be taken into consideration. People often forget about their skin. This brings up the question if there is such a thing as sweating too much and if it is bad for the skin.

Sweating and the Skin

When the body is overheating sweating is a way that will help the body cool itself down. When a person sweats their sebaceous glands produce more oil than usual. Many people worry that their pores will clog up even more and the dirt and bacteria will become trapped. Sweating has the opposite effect on the skin. When a person sweats their pores open up. All the toxins and the bacteria that were in the pores are removed from the sweat. This process is similar to a natural exfoliation process. This is one of the ways in which the body is also to clean and take care of itself. After a person is done doing the physical activity that caused them to sweat they should wash their face and body off. There will still be toxins left on the skin and they do not have a pleasant feeling. Taking a shower will also help the pores close up again.

Too Much Sweating! Will It Be Good For Your Skin?

Why People Sweat

Sweating is a way that the body helps itself to keep a normal temperature. If a person gets too hot the body temperature would rise and cause some healthy problems. Sweating helps the internal temperature of the body stay constant. People sweat when they are engaging in physical activity, when the weather is hot, and when a person is feeling nervous or anxious.

What Is In Sweat?

Sweat consists of water, sodium, chlorides, and a small amount of potassium. Some scientists are finding out more information about human sweat. It contains dermcidin which is a substance that will help kill bacteria. This includes any bacteria that are found on the surface of the skin. if the bacteria stays on the surface of the skin there is a chance it can get inside the pores and lead to skin conditions such as acne. Sweating will remove these bacteria before it gets into the pores.

Can Sweat Hurt the Skin

If a person is sweating and wipes the sweat away when they are done working out or doing the activity that caused them to sweat it can actually help the skin. It is when a person does not bathe themselves after sweating where the problems begin. If sweat is left on the body for a prolonged period of time it can be harmful to the skin. A person may get a heat rash or notice that their skin turns slightly red and itchy. A person can get red bumps due to the glands in the skin becoming blocked. The pores will be open which will allow bacteria and other toxins to enter the skin. To keep sweat productive for the body and to keep it helping the skin be sure to wash the face and the body after sweating. This will allow the skin to see the benefits. For people with sensitive skin that sweat often they should keep their clothing clean and change the bed sheets on a regular basis.

Sweat and Pores

Sweat opens the pores from the deepest layers on the skin to the surface of the skin. Before having professional face cleaning procedures many doctors use steam to open up the pores. This works in the same way that sweat does. The only difference is that sweat is all natural and does not use chemicals to clean out the skin.

Sweat is actually good for the skin as long as a person practice good hygiene habits. Sweat can clean out the pores and the toxins that come with them. By nature some people will sweat more than others. As long as person is using personal hygiene products such as deodorant and bathing after sweating the amount of sweat a person produces should not be a problem for the skin. Sweating is actually beneficial for the skin and will help exfoliate the skin naturally.


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