Rejuvi Skin Care Announces New Highly Researched Nerium Anti-Aging Creams

Wednesday, 8 October 2014
Company offers highly effective anti-aging face and skin creams made with Nerium oleander, reports
Rejuvi Skin Care Announces New Highly Researched Nerium Anti-Aging Creams

San Diego, CA,, United States of America - - October 7, 2014 —

Rejuvi Skin Care spokesperson Noel Bishop recently announced the release of its new anti-aging skin care product. This product is based on the Nerium oleander plant, but perhaps more importantly, it’s also based on the company’s special extraction process. The process, according to Bishop, allows the good aspects of the plant to be extracted without damaging their beneficial qualities.

“People have known that Nerium oleander is beneficial for thousands of years,” said Bishop of Rejuvi Skin Care. “It has long been seen as having medicinal uses. Now, we are using it to benefit the skin. Our product, Nerium AD, also includes other beneficial ingredients such as aloe vera. The combination allows our creams to greatly reduce the appearance of aging in users.”

There is plenty of research behind Rejuvi Skin Care’s products. Its extraction process is one of the results of that research. Other tests have allowed the company to refine the proportion and amount of ingredients used so as to provide great results with no skin irritation. Judging by the pictures sent in with nerium ad age-defying treatment reviews, all of this research has allowed the company to make a very effective product. One before-and-after image set, showing a forehead, makes its dramatic results obvious. The before picture shows obvious wrinkles, while the after picture shows them in a much-reduced and subtle state.

“While its true that the cream doesn’t eliminate all wrinkles, it can eliminate the appearance of fine ones and greatly reduce the appearance of deeper ones,” Bishop explains. “It would take surgery or a similar clinical treatment to get better results, and for most people, the difference between almost-invisible wrinkles and none at all isn’t worth going through that. Applying a cream once or twice a day is far easier on the body, and there’s no need to worry about being stuck with bad results.”

While most companies make anti-aging creams only for the face, Rejuvi Skin Care is great for the hands, arms, neck, and other areas that would look better if the skin was tightened up, confirms Bishop. had the good sense to make a cream to help tone the skin on other parts of the body. The Nerium Firm Body Contouring Cream is d nerium firm reviews can be found on along with the ones for the company’s face cream.

Bisphop does caution consumers to watch out for counterfeits. The main company doesn’t allow sales of its products in traditional retail outlets, instead preferring a one-on-one sales method that puts its representatives close to the customers. Nerium products found on Amazon or eBay usually aren’t coming from people who are simply ignoring this stricture. Instead, they’re often complete fakes that are different from the real thing in many ways. Therefore, Bishop advises consumers to always buy Nerium AD and Nerium Firm only through authorized representatives.

About Rejuvi Skin Care

Rejuvi Skin Care is a producer of age-defying creams made from Nerium oleander, a medicinal plant. Its products are only available through its authorized distribution network. The company also offers an opportunity to join this network.


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