Hottest Makeup Trends You Can Wear at Your Wedding

Tuesday, 23 September 2014
Fall is approaching and that means there's a whole slew of new beauty trends coming your way. We talked to Anthea King, makeup artist at Tracey Mattingly in New York City about how you can rock these hot new looks on your wedding day. Here are some of our favorites:

The Look: "The best way to achieve doll lashes is with a strip lash (read: faux lashes). Look for ones that have defined, medium-length lashes.

The Look: King recommends doing your smokey eye before the rest of your makeup. "Clean up any fallen powders and smudges before applying your foundation.

The Look: "Metallics are great for adding a pretty sheen, but go too heavy and you'll end up looking like you stepped out of the 80's," says King.

The Look: "Draw the shape of the cat eye you want (line the lid first before you tackle the flick) and don't worry too much about making mistakes.

The Look: "Bold and bright color is great in one part of the face -- normally eyes or lips. An aqua liner just on top of the eye or a fuchsia lip are timeless and chic!"

The Look: "This is a pretty and bold statement," says King. "Play around with pencils, powders and gels for the brows

The Look: "For super natural looking makeup, it's all about beautiful, glowing skin!


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