Gather All The Flawless Skin Representatives Of Each Generation!

Monday, 29 September 2014
[by Shin Hyun Jung] It is not easy to become the representative of a genre. You need to work hard and receive recognition in order to get the title. Especially among celebrities where so many people have similar qualities, it is even more difficult to stand out.

Geum Bora, Park Joo Mi, Jeon Hye Bin, Oh Yeon Seo, and Kim Sae Rom pushed through this competitive field and made a name for themselves. From the teens to fifties, there is a star who exemplifies the celebrities in that age group.

A recent episode of KBS ‘Happy Together 3’ held a special where an actress of each age group came out.

How Many Points Should Be Given To The Beautys’ Wit?

Kim Sae Rom represents the teens, Oh Yeon Seo the 20’s, Jeon Hye Bin 30’s, Park Joo Mi 40’s, and Geum Bora for the 50’s. These women showed off their wit and humor as they talked to the MCs.

The stars became famous for their looks and talked about their popularity before their debut. Original beauty Geum Bora told the audience that her popularity was to the point that people walking by would turn around to take another glance.

Park Joo Mi was scouted to be an actress after her appearance on an airlines commercial while Jeon Hye Bin and Oh Yeon Seo started out as idols before making their name in acting.

There was no embarrassment of past photos or stories of the beauties as they shared episodes of their personal lives. Since they were young, these actresses have maintained their good looks.

30’s Representative Jeon Hye Bin – 20’s Represenative Oh Yeon Seo, Confidently Expose Their Bare Faces
During this broadcast, Jeon Hye Bin and Oh Yeon Seo shared their skincare routine. With a self-camera footage, the girls weren’t afraid to show their no makeup faces and confidently stood in front of the camera.

First, Jeon Hye Bin cleansed her face thoroughly with a product that is both a cleanser and pack. Afterwards, she washed her face for a second time using a vibrator and rinsing with cold water. It is important to gently dry the face by dabbing the skin.

Oh Yeon Seo uses a foam cleanser, massaging it into her skin. She then applies lotion, water essence, and eye cream. In particular, Oh Yeon Seo mentioned she has been using eye cream since she was in her teens, emphasizing the importance of starting anti-aging at an early age.

The Answer to Quickly Starting Anti-Aging Care

Jeon Hye Bin, Oh Yeon Seo, Geum Bora, and Park Joo Mi use anti-aging care to maintain their youthful looks.

The first point of anti-aging is using the right products. GUERISSON’s 9 Complex is getting recognition as an effective product for anti-aging.

Using horse fat, the formula moisturizes and revitalizes dull and tired skin. Horse grease lifts and increases the elasticity. The ceramide moisturizes and tightens, making the face look younger and brighter. (photo by Klairs, bntnews DB) Source


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