Senior Women Fight Against Anti-Aging Beauty Movement

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Conventional beauty standards can wreak havoc on one's self-confidence, regardless of age or gender. Standards perpetuated by the media often leave those who fall outside their parameters feeling less confident, as they may be concerned that conforming to these conventions is the only way to truly be beautiful.

However, there are many men and women across the world who are adamantly opposed to these destructive standards, calling them out for promoting superficiality and unrealistic expectations. One group of individuals who has recently spoken out is made up of senior women who are not on board with the "anti-aging" movement developed by beauty suppliers around the globe.

Women rebel against anti-aging movement
There are a variety of beauty products on the market that tote anti-aging effects, ensuring buyers that they will fight against wrinkles or other physical conditions that give away the signs of aging. However, women of all ages have recently stepped out against this movement, explaining that it does little but make older adults feel as though they are less beautiful for aging the way nature intended. Cameron Diaz, the 41-year-old actress, spoke to Oprah Winfrey about the importance of fighting against the anti-aging movement, explaining that women should accept and love their bodies as they continue to age.

That sentiment was echoed by the creators of The Beauty Plus, an online site that delivers beauty and style tips to adults over the age of 45. The site glorifies healthy aging, providing older adults with fashions and styles that will best accentuate their bodies as they grow older.

"We'll cover all aspects of beauty and skincare, with a little fashion and lifestyle thrown in, from product news to top tips, but what we won't do is patronize or tell you exactly how you should be looking or feeling at your age," the site's About page reads. " ... We're not into looking half our age, we're into being our age and loving it."

Visitors to The Beauty Plus have access to a variety of articles, editorial pieces and how-to guides to help senior women make the most of their appearances without encouraging anti-aging methods. These beauty and style secrets are ideal for women living in retirement communities, as the site can be easily accessed from any device. Be sure to visit The Beauty Plus and learn more about how senior women are embracing their natural beauty. source:


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