Natural Skin Care Products You Can Plant in Your Garden

Tuesday, 29 April 2014
Natural Skin Care Products You Can Plant in Your Garden:

There are many benefits in using natural skin care products on your skin. Some women will even go as far as to create their own skin care recipes by combining natural ingredients that can be found at the neighborhood grocery store. But what if you could bring your skin care even closer to home? With a few choices in fruits, vegetables and herbs, you could reap a bumper crop of produce that will be as good for your skin as your body. There are a number of choices that you can add to your garden, and many are easy to grow, and can thrive in just about any climate. A skin care garden will ensure that your skin receives the freshest natural ingredients – at least during harvest time!

Fragrant Herbs
Herb gardens can be ornamental as well as fragrant, and will provide plenty of options for your skin and your cooking. Thyme has many disinfectant properties, and can be combined with fennel to create an effective cleanser for normal skin types.

Fresh Vegetables and Juicy Fruits
One of the first veggies that come to mind when you think of skin care is the cucumber. While most of us know that a couple of cucumber slices can be an effective method for reviving tired eyes, the astringent properties of cucumber can also make it a beneficial natural ingredient in a toner for your skin.

Carrot Mask

If you are growing carrots at home, use them for your skin by grating them and mixing them with a spoon of honey. Spread over the face and leave the mask on for at least fifteen minutes before washing.

Pineapple Mask

For those who have prickly pineapples in their garden, slice one up and mash just one slice. Mix it into some lemon or orange juice and add a dash of wheat flour to the mixture. After applying onto face and letting it dry, scrub it off to get smooth and fresh skin instantaneously.

Lemon-Tomato-Egg Mask

Although you may have eggs in your refrigerator, rather than in your garden, use it along with some garden-grown lemons. Make sure to use only the white and whip it till some small peaks appear. Freeze for exactly fifteen minutes and then add a bit of lemon juice along with some grated tomato from the garden. Using this mask on a daily basis can help give your skin the protection it needs from the sun and also help to smoothen it out.

Potato Honey Mask

Root up a potato and add some egg white to one which is grated. Add on a bit of honey and mix well. Apply to the face and let it dry. Wipe away the mask using cold water. The skin will feel both fresh and rejuvenated. Having a garden in your backyard is equivalent to having an entire skin care product line on hand!

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